Consumer Benefits of Bistro Beef

Why consumers choose Bistro Beef:

Bistro Beef is a high-quality, nutrient-dense source of lean protein:

•Bistro Beef is Certified Organic

oNo Herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or vaccines

•Bistro Beef is Grass-Fed

oMore Omega-3’s, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Beta-Carotene

•Bistro Beef calves suckle rich, whole Jersey milk

oBistro Beef has a unique flavor and texture you won’t find anywhere else

Bistro Beef is lower volume, smaller portions:

•Got limited freezer space?  No problem! 

oA whole Bistro Beef is about the same meat volume as a quarter of a conventional-size, full-grown steer

oWith a whole Bistro Beef, instead of a quarter of the cuts, you get all the cuts! 

•Consumer trends indicate that people are eating smaller portions of protein.

oDon’t feel like eating an 18-oz. slab of meat?  Nutrient-dense Bistro Beef steaks are the perfect size for one sitting—kids love them!


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